Implementing ITIL in the Cloud



How do you implement ITIL in the cloud? How do you use the ITIL framework to manage the cloud?

There seems to be great interest in deploying IT service management tools in the cloud, and ITIL can be adapted to continue to manage IT, regardless of the platform.

Implementing an IT service management application in the cloud is relatively straightforward; it’s just another tool, which leverages the cloud platform. But the bigger challenge is how IT will then incorporate the tool into the larger ITIL framework to manage their cloud services.
Some of the ITIL processes, actually, may be made easier to implement into the cloud. A simplified demand and capacity management process may also reduce the workload on the technical management and operations management functions. Additionally, the financial management process is simplified when IT can reduce the calculation of cost for an IT service from aggregating multiple server, development, staff and application components to a single per-month/ per-user-fee.


Continuity, Availability, Service Level and Supplier Management Many of IT’s traditional responsibilities are shifting. If a service or any component of a service is sourced from the cloud, IT will be dependent on the cloud service provider to ensure that the organization’s needs are met. To put it in ITIL terms, IT will rely upon a solid supplier management process to manage underpinning contracts, which will enforce the right levels of availability and continuity.

Change, Configuration and Security Management

Cloud services can cause heartburn for those responsible for controlling IT resources – change, configuration and security managers. IT no longer holds the keys to the secured doors of the data center. If IT makes access to resources difficult for its users and even for its own staff members. Business users and IT staff alike will bypass internal resources altogether and head for the cloud.

The pace of change will not slow. As it expands to a globally recognized framework, ITIL itself is constantly debated and revised. Perhaps the framework’s greatest strength is its promotion of continual service improvement. With this focus in mind, New Horizons can help IT organizations to adapt their change, configuration and security management processes to meet the challenges of cloud computing.

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Jun 2015

By: Terry Mott