Is Your Information Protected? Identify These Data Weak Spots


Information security is something all 21st century businesses need to worry about. As hacking techniques become more sophisticated, and cybercriminals become bolder, even small organizations need to improve the way they protect their online data. The first step to improving information security is learning where a business is at risk and how to manage that risk.

Where Is Your Data Stored?

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is not having a clear idea of where exactly their sensitive data is stored. When organizations don’t know where all their sensitive data points are, it becomes difficult to put effective measures in place to protect them. In order to safeguard sensitive data, organizations need to hire a staff that has a deep understanding of data storage protocols and how that affects the information being stored.

Where Are Threats Coming From?

For most people, hackers and data breaches are nebulous, ominous threats that seem to appear out of the ether. On the other hand, trained data protection specialists have a solid understanding of where different cyber threats come from, how they act, and which ones their organizations are most vulnerable to.

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Nov 2016

By: Kayla Tellers