Microsoft Finds Yet Another Unlikely Partner in Red Hat



The cloud is changing how modern companies are operating. The tech industry really hasn't ever seen anything quite like it, and companies are scrambling to keep up with the times as cloud computing training becomes ever more important for employees. This has forced a lot of enterprises to change how they do business, and no company exemplifies this better than Microsoft with its most recent changes to its business strategy.

Once a fierce and vicious competitor in the software development world, Microsoft has changed its game plan to cope with the times. A recent blog post put out by the company discussed Microsoft's need to adapt to the changing landscape of cloud-based services, most notably in the form of an unlikely partnership with longtime software rival Red Hat.

What does the deal entail?

The blog post, written by the executive vice president of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Group, Scott Guthrie, discusses the shift in conversation concerning cloud services. As Guthrie puts it, companies are asking "why cloud" less in exchange for a new question about "how cloud."

The cloud's advantages simply can't be ignored by companies looking toward the future, so this change in conversation reflects how these businesses will begin integrating existing infrastructure and knowledge into the cloud. Guthrie states this is going to require a lot of flexibility for cloud customers, and Microsoft seems to think it can be found by partnering with Red Hat.

Basically, the biggest implication for this partnership is going to be the availability of Red Hat software (such as its Linux applications) to customers of Microsoft's Azure cloud services. Companies wanting their employees to learn Azure while also wishing to use Linux will no longer have to choose between the two.

Microsoft and Red Hat will also be cutting down on help desk confusion by creating a support team comprised of personnel from both companies, further deepening the partnership.

Not the first time Microsoft has partnered with a past rival

Anyone familiar with the history of software development is going to be extremely surprised by this partnership. Microsoft and Red Hat have historically taken extremely different approaches to their business models. While Microsoft has always kept the inner workings of its software very close to the chest, Red Hat has always been known as providing open source solutions.

However, times have changed, and Microsoft has recognized that letting bygones be bygones is simply better for business. This can be seen in the tech giant's partnership with VMware, a coupling that defied years of bitter rivalry between the two companies.

While The Wall Street Journal is reporting that financial details about the Red Hat deal are currently unknown, it's not a stretch to say that there will be a lot of money moving around in both directions due to this partnership.

Microsoft's Azure cloud services are currently being used by more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, according to Guthrie's post, which means Red Hat obviously stands to benefit quite a lot. But Microsoft will also be getting something out of this deal, as Red Hat's many applications will help extend flexibility in the hybrid cloud market.

While the monetary aspect is obviously what these two companies are focusing on, it's good to see a little collaboration in an industry that is quite often a cutthroat affair. Microsoft and Red Hat's burying of the hatchet is going to create a lot of good work as the two company combine forces.

How can you benefit?

Although Azure training has always been a great way to boost your skill set, as well as your resume, this partnership is going to take that training to the next level. Being able to learn Azure now will allow you to leverage this good press in your favor, as well as benefit off of the increased business this partnership is sure to create.

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Nov 2015

By: Terry Mott