New FAA Contract Shows How Much Money There Is In the Cloud



Cloud computing is one of the biggest revolutions to hit computing since the Internet itself. It seems like every technology company is trying to optimize their business using it. Popular products like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, once sold in a box set, are now exclusively marketed through the cloud.

In keeping with this trend, it looks like the Federal Aviation Administration is trying to get with the times and run its systems through the cloud as well. Computer Sciences Corporation, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure have won a cloud computing contract with the FAA. And the FAA isn't skimping on the price either, as the deal has been valued at more than $100 million and could reach upward of $1 billion over a 10-year span.

Not just the FAA
Although this is certainly big news, the FAA isn't the first government agency to recognize the significance of the cloud. The White House itself is extremely interested in boosting efficiency through the cloud, and the Executive Branch announced in 2011 that it was implementing a federal cloud computing strategy.

This initiative was meant to cut federal spending nearly $80 billion in IT down to $20 billion using cloud-based technology. The government is still working on optimizing its IT needs, spending $3 billion in 2014 rather than the projected $2.2 billion,

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Oct 2015

By: Jesse Daniel Amos