New Horizons Earns First 2019 Top 20 Learning Provider

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers announced it has earned the 2019 Top 20 Learning Provider designation from The Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). The LPI is a leading authority in learning efficacy, recognizing the demonstrable impact of learning on individual and organizational performance.

ince 1995, the Learning and Performance Institute has consulted with, evaluated, and mentored thousands of organizations world-wide to help them build internal capability and deliver notable performance improvement. This is done through the LPI's "Performance Through Learning" program: a continuous consultative framework that prioritizes outcomes over delivery, focuses on the value, efficacy and business impact of learning, aligns competencies with organizational strategy and goals, and leads to accreditation by the LPI. 

New Horizons, undergoing the Performance Through Learning program has established a a clear roadmap to help our clients build their capability and adapt their strategy for continual success. New Horizons has been aw arded this as we continue to demonstrate a strong customer value proposition and have a corporate culture that instills confidence throughout sales and marketing, to delivery and after-sales support. Our teams and clients are passionate and committed to developing their staff, their products, their market reach, and their performance.

"It's an honor to be recognized as a Top Learning Provider by the Learning and Performance Institute," said Ryan Landry. "New Horizons helped our clients develop people's technical skills for decades. To be recognized as a strategic L&D partner now, allows us to continue to help our clients elevate their people, and their business.

In 2018, the LPI also awarded New Horizons its highest designation of "Excellent" for its innovative Center for Leadership and Development program. This comes as a result of a rigorous assessment that found that New Horizons' professional development training offers real-world validation with top-rated materials, the highest standard of delivery, and a superb learning experience across its entire suite of courses:

  • Professional Development Training: This path will help you hone your existing business skills and develop new ones that lay the foundation for continuous career and organizational growth.
  • Communication & Interpersonal Training: This path will guide you through unique skills and tactics to communicate with colleagues, clients and others on a truly effective level.
  • Leadership & Management Training: This path will transform current and future management into true leaders who can effectively drive people and businesses to achieve greatness.
About the Center for Leadership & Development

The Center for Leadership and Development by New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is dedicated to improving businesses and improving lives. We are problem solvers, experienced business leaders, coaches, mentors and experts in personal and professional development. Our mission is to connect organizations and individuals with passionate development experts who deliver engaging, interactive coaching seminars that elevate individual performance and help teams and companies thrive in the modern business environment. To learn more, visit us at

Jul 2019

By: Ryan Landry