Selecting and Moving Cells in Excel

  • To SELECT my cell or to be INSIDE my cell is the question!
    • Use your primary mouse key to “single click” the cell. You are now SELECTING the cell.
    • Use your primary mouse to key to “double-click” the cell. You are now INSIDE your cell.


  • Let’s select a cell range together, right now efficiently!
    • Zoom your spreadsheet 150%-200%.
    • Hover your mouse icon over the inside of a cell, so that it DOES NOT touch any border side (Top, bottom, left and right).
    • Using your primary mouse key… click, hold & drag your cell range. You should notice the selected cell range highlighted in Gray.


  • I like to move it, move it!
    • Zoom your spreadsheet 150%-200%.
    • Select a cell. Hover your mouse icon directly over any of the cell border sides (Top, bottom, left, and right).
    • Using your primary mouse key,… click, hold & drag the cell to another cell. You have now moved the data inside that cell to another cell.


Jan 2018

By: Jesse Amos