The Bundling Advantage with NH Anytime

New Horizons provides many ways to help organizations maximize and extend training budgets while still training numerous employees in a variety of courses. We understand the importance of training your employees to improve job efficiency, but also ensuring your dollars are being spent wisely. Training at your own pace is perfect for those who know when and how they can fit in their development. But what happens when you have a question, or get stuck on a lab? Read more about our NH Anytime options.


Why Bundle?

  • New Horizons' unique bundling options tailored to your needs.
  • Some employees may not be able to attend regularly scheduled live classes (e.g. swing shifts, other work demands).
  • Repetitive exposure to course concepts and methodologies boosts retention.
  • Leads to more active participation by students in the classroom (vs wall flower)
  • Pre-class review of the supporting NH Anytime course will significantly reduce the amount of post-class exam prep time.
  • Allows students to enter class armed with a notebook full of questions.
  • Learning Reinforcement.
  • Top quality learning resource instead of fishing for info off Google – which can lead to chaos later.

Competitive Advantage

  • 35 years of successful knowledge transfer (best practices for ensuring success)
  • In many cases, students don’t meet all the prerequisites for the class they’re expressing interest in attending. The “Bundle” can potentially include a prerequisite course too that will fill in gaps before the live class. (e.g. Student needs Security+ but is a bit light in network knowledge – we could issue a Net+ NH Anytime course to best prepare student for Sec+ class)
  • Supporting e-learning with a live class increases student retention and successful knowledge transfer if used.
  • More solutions to meet the your demand and scheduling requirements.
  • We're the only “Training Provider” to provide multiple, top-grade, flexible solutions to meet the demands of all employees within an organization.


  • The most effective and proven surgical training solution providing the efficient resolution to daily problems.
  • Minimized down time on mission critical systems based on efficient trained workforce.
  • Improved employee moral based on knowledge and confidence.
  • We are local, accessible with the best comprehensive learning solutions in the Industry.
  • Since 2007 organizations have been forced to do more with less – we enable companies with the resources to do more.


Bundling Options

  • Learning Credits: New Horizons Learning Credits are the best solution for organizations that have a variety of technologies to train employees on and need flexible and diverse training solutions.
  • Coupons: Coupons deliver savings on bulk training. This option is great for those in need of group training for a new product roll out or department technology upgrade.
  • Club Memberships: you pay just one low price for the year and have the ability to take classes at flexible times and delivery methods to accommodate your learning and availability. Club memberships from New Horizons Learning Group allow for unlimited training in specialized fields.
May 2018

By: Dan Curran