What’s the Connection Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

When you think about cloud computing and virtualization, you might assume they are one and the same. Many people have this misconception about both of these technologies. However, while cloud computing and virtualization are related, they are different.

A general definition of virtualization is running operating systems, software, and other apps on virtual computer resources, such as servers in a data center in downtown Los Angeles. Virtualization can also refer to the number of partitions on a single disk drive, as multiple partitions turn the hard drive into several virtual hard drives.

Cloud computing, on the other hand, refers to the services used to access virtualization hardware and software. You need cloud computing to connect over the internet to remote data centers and providers offering virtualization solutions.

Citrix is one such application that can be used to connect to the cloud and virtual environments. Citrix products are the most widely used ones in the mobile workplace solution segment and include an array of different technologies. Here at New Horizons Learning Group, we provide access to Citrix training and certification courses and helps you prepare for Citrix certification exams.

Another popular application used by businesses is called VMware. VMware is a virtualization solution to help you deploy your applications in virtual environments. For businesses, employees with VMware training become valuable resources to take advantage of modern technologies. For individuals, VMware training can create the foundation needed to advance your IT career.

Just like Cloud computing and virtualization are related, so, too, are Citrix and VMware. For more information about Citrix and VMware certification and training courses , contact New Horizons Learning today at 1-888-825-6684.

Nov 2016

By: Kayla Tellers