Windows 10 is Still Free, but Not for Long


Windows 10 from Microsoft is being seen by many as a major improvement over the previous Windows 8. The operating system has been streamlined and optimized for both the consumer and enterprise markets, and people all over the world are enjoying a better computing experience for it. What's more, these users have been getting Windows 10 for absolutely no charge.

However, this free ride is set to expire. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be expiring on July 29, 2016, which is the first anniversary of the OS's release date. Although this deal may be coming to a close, there's still time for you to download Windows 10 for free if your have a compatible device.

"Microsoft has already made it incredibly simple to receive an upgrade."


Microsoft has already made it incredibly simple to receive an upgrade to Windows 10. Most users have been getting notifications about it, but those that don't only need to follow the instructions the tech giant has laid out on its website. There's even a giant clock counting down the seconds until the upgrade is no longer free.

It should be noted that there are a few system requirements for machines applicable for this program. Users will need to be running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. If your computer is currently running an accepted OS, you should hurry now and get your free upgrade while you can.


Although Microsoft and its founder are notorious for their acts of charity, this push for a free Windows 10 isn't coming out of the Redmond business's good heart. Microsoft is devoted to getting the OS on at least 1 billion devices within the next few years, according to TechCrunch contributor Alex Wilhelm. While this is an unprecedented target for a software company, Microsoft has already made some major progress.

The company has already seen 300 million downloads of Windows 10 in its first year on the market. Of course, these numbers can owe a lot to the free upgrade, and this pace will most likely slow down. However, the company seems extremely driven toward accomplishing their goal, and at the very least, Windows 10 is probably going to continue doing well.

Windows 10 isn't going to be free forever. Microsoft's newest OS is on its way to get a huge amount of downloads.


As always, any major success on the part of the company trickles down onto others, especially when it comes to businesses in the technology industry. Microsoft has multiple certified computer training courses that can help IT professionals advance their career and grow their knowledge base.

A major uptick in Windows 10 downloads is going to mean that a lot more people out there are going to be using Microsoft products. This includes the wide range of enterprise products Microsoft puts out, including Excel and Access. What's more, the company is also heavily invested in cloud technologies with Azure, yet another service that could potentially see some exponential growth in the coming years. Getting certified training in any of these fields will certainly provide a treasure trove of useful knowledge about all of these products.
Jul 2016

By: Morgan Landry