Certification Training At New Horizons

In the information technology (IT) and healthcare industries, having the proper industry certifications matter, these nationally recognized certifications are the true measure of specific skills and knowledge of an individual in the IT or Healthcare field. The information technology (IT) and healthcare Information training programs offered by New Horizons prepares students with the information and education they need to earn certifications. Whether it is a Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, American Medical Certification Association (AMCA), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), or EC-Council certifications, we provide the training and education to help qualify you for the IT or medical career you want and deserve.  Each certification exam has its own specific exam objectives, and our comprehensive training programs are structured and designed around the material that you will need to know – not only to earn your healthcare certification or IT certification, but also to help obtain a new career or impress your current employer.  From our professional instructors with real-world knowledge, our state of the art hands-on equipment, our lab simulations, and our additional exam preparation time and materials will all aid in helping you to learn the information you will need, and to retain and apply that information once you are on-the-job.

Numerous job-related studies have been compiled over the past few years, and one important point continues to come up: regardless of if you want to enter into a new career or advance in your current career in Healthcare or IT, certifications do matter.  Maintaining the appropriate certifications is a prerequisite for many opportunities in both industries. While many other industries and jobs require degrees or diplomas, the IT and healthcare industries value certifications. These IT and Healthcare certifications are a validation of employee’s skills to their employer and they help you to obtain professional recognition, demonstrate your competencies, and help you to stand out from the competition.