7 Microsoft Teams Shortcuts That Will Help You Save Time

Taylor Karl
7 Microsoft Teams Shortcuts That Will Help You Save Time 3439 0

Currently, Microsoft Teams has over 145 Million daily active users which is a 75 million increase from 2020. More and more people are switching to Microsoft Teams for its versatility for collaboration. Whether you are remote or in the office, we have compiled a list of the best Microsoft Teams Shortcuts that will help you save time! As always, we will have the shortcuts for both PC and Mac users, so let's jump into our first shortcut.

1. "You're on Mute"

Voted the quote of the year in 2020, everyone has struggled with the mute button once or twice or maybe even 10 times now. But struggle no more, this Microsoft Teams Shortcut will help you go from muted to unmuted in a flash. For our PC users, all you have to do is click into the app or window your call is active on and then push Ctrl+Shift+M. This will unmute and mute you in a hurry. For the Mac users out there you can select ⌘+Shift+M on your keyboard for this feature.

2. On / Off Switch

Whether you are working remotely or in-office, sometimes you have to switch your camera on and off quickly. Have you ever felt a sneeze coming on and you want to avoid freezing in that pose for all to remember? This Microsoft Teams shortcut will help you in a pinch. On your PC simply tap the Ctrl+Shift+O and this will either turn your camera on or off. Mac users simply tap ⌘+Shift+O to toggle your video.

3. Spelling Error

We mentioned this in our Top 5 Microsoft Teams Hack Blog, but it's so handy we are going to mention it again. Microsoft Teams has all sorts of features, chat being one of them. Sometimes we find ourselves typing too fast and we hit Enter too soon. To edit your last message in a chat simply click Ctrl+Up Arrow on your PC and ⌘+Up Arrow on your Mac to reopen your last message and enable editing. This saves time as you don't have to search through the 3 dot selection screen to get to the edit button.

4. Ping Me

After a while, your chat conversations can get all jumbled up and sometimes people disappear so you have to start a new chat. To quickly start a new chat simply type Ctrl+N on your PC or ⌘+N on your Mac. That will launch a new chatbox! All you have to do then is type in the person or people, you are looking to chat with. Remember, even if you are starting a new chat it will not duplicate your chat, the previous conversations will show up if you have had a conversation with this person before, so you are free to start a new chat!

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5. Accept or Decline

Our 5th Microsoft Teams tip is actually two tips in one. If you are anything like me, I still struggle to find the Accept Phone when I am receiving an incoming call. I usually hit the wrong one and have to call someone back. This shortcut will take the accidental decline out of our lives completely! To accept an incoming video call you can hit the Ctrl+Shift+A on your PC and ⌘+Shift+A on your Mac. Now for the second shortcut, to accept an audio call you will hit Ctrl+Shift+S on your PC and ⌘+Shift+S on your Mac.

6. Thumbs Up

Depending on your notification preferences, when people @ (mention) you in the chat, or react to your message, it will show up in your activity side panel section of Teams. Notifications will usually stay in this feed until you go to the Activity and open the reaction or message. To open your activity quickly using this Microsoft Teams shortcut, you can hit Ctrl+1 for PC and ⌘+1 for Mac.

7. Penciled In

Just like opening your Activity, using keyboard shortcuts for other Teams side panel options can be a time saver. Whether you are in a meeting or sending someone a message, sometimes you have to schedule future meetings and seeing your calendar in a flash can be incredibly efficient. This Microsoft Teams Shortcut will help you do just that! Tap Ctrl+4 (PC) or ⌘+4 (Mac) to open your calendar quickly and, as an added bonus shortcut, click Ctrl+2 or ⌘+2 to pop back into your chat section.

Looking for more information on Microsoft Teams? Visit our Teams page for training options for every member of your team - even your Teams Administrator. There are also a number of free resources to take advantage of.