How Public Agencies Are Adopting Digital Transformation

Taylor Karl
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How Public Agencies Are Adopting Digital Transformation 2655 0

Public agencies are continually adapting to the changing needs and expectations of their citizens and implementing strategies that will allow them to better serve the public in innovative ways. IT professionals at all government levels are aware of the public's need to access more information at their fingertips in a user-friendly digital platform- from checking updates on power outages to renewing licenses. According to the Center for Digital Government, 60% of those surveyed approved the government experimenting with digital technologies. Additionally, 40% want these services to be easier to use, and almost a third say they want to access even more services online.



So how can state and local governments drive digital transformation throughout their organizations? Here are 4 things to consider:

  1. Take the time to develop a digital strategy
  • How can your branch benefit from a new system? Consider the core issues that your organization struggles with and implement a plan to turn that idea into a reality. Because this change involves your entire organization, encourage the discussion across departments to promote internal collaboration. New low-code development can empower non-IT staff to create new solutions wit the right skills and direction.


  1. Improve upon IT infrastructure and existing technologies
  • Integrating cloud technology can help departments adapt to a service-oriented organization's surging demands and evolving needs. Streamlining new technologies with already existing ones can help ease transformation.


  1. Consider your existing talent and skills
  • Building up and investing in employees creates a culture of professional digital specialists. Reskilling existing team members can aid in retention and expand on existing processes while providing value to your organization.


  1. Measure progress and evaluate results
  • Creating milestones that are realistic and achievable at the beginning of your transformation can help measure your short- and long-term goals. Performance data can influence managers and directors to make data-driven decisions. Showing data to the public about internal changes could improve trust and ensure transparency.

These technologies and considerations provide cost-effective ways for governments to meet today’s imperatives of engaging and connecting with citizens, modernizing the government workplace, and enhancing government services. But they often seem overwhelming to implement and complex to navigate. United Training can help. Get in touch to talk through your needs and create a plan to get your team up to speed on the most relevant digital technologies to transform your organization.


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