Performance Optimization for Your Business

Performance Optimization for Your Business 2006 0

Performance Optimization for Your Business

United Training's four-pillar framework is designed specifically with you in mind. By allowing our experts to cohesively work with your teams, we can help you gain the competitive advantage you need. Productivity equals money. We have discussed this time and time again how increasing your team's skills and performance means more of a return on investment. Let's take a closer look at Performance Optimization and how your company can benefit from elevating your team's skills.


Investing is the act of expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial plans, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture. The correlation between efficiency and cost drives most businesses in any decision. When using an LMS, like United Training, the amount of expertise you receive can directly impact productivity and ROI. For example, if your current L&D professionals are already at their workload capacity, putting on more work can make them less effective and thus could create failures in training that could cost your company. Outsourcing your training needs can cut costs and keep productivity high.


study conducted by Dr. Tiffany D. Sanders, a licensed psychologist and entrepreneur shows that an average of 40% of employees in the U.S. leave their jobs within the first year because of poor training. When an employer doesn't invest in its people, they leave. Simply put, optimizing the performance of your employees through quality training can be the key to retaining and developing top talent. Bad training can cost you great employees but not offering any training at all will cause another financial hit to your business. A recent study by Career Builder showed that a company on average loses more than $14,000 for every job that stays vacant longer than three months. The longer positions stay open because of employees leaving, the more money your business loses.

The Bottom Line:

Utilizing a learning management system can be what you have been waiting for. Our subject matter experts are prepared to provide the support and coaching your team needs. Take your business to the next level and equip your employees with the best practices to optimize their performance.

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