Optimize Your IT Training Timeline

New Horizons provides training for more than 50 certifications from leading technology vendors and organizations, including: Microsoft, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Citrix, VMware, Cisco, and CompTIA. Delivering on the most stringent productivity and efficiency demands requires one crucial component: IT training. Our GSA schedule provides government agencies with one of the most widely used federal acquisition vehicles, which grants quick and easy procurement for the training you need.

Optimize Your IT Training Timeline

DoD Directive 8570/8140

The Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8570/8140 is a requirement for all members of the DoD Information Assurance (IA) and Cybersecurity Personnel workforces including: military, civilians, local nationals, non-appropriated fund (NAF) personnel, and contractors. All individuals need to obtain one of the approved certifications for their category, specialty, and level to meet the minimum requirement. The requirements apply whether the duties are performed full-time, part-time, or as embedded duty.

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Stretch Your Budget and Invest in Your People’s Potential

Invest in your future with government-funded New Horizons training and proven budgeting techniques. Our collaboration with government agencies empowers them to optimize their performance through innovative IT training solutions. Our large library of offerings includes courses ranging from foundational to advanced levels, covering the latest technology and business practices.

We have the ability to customize our training solutions to meet your specific needs, including

  • Baseline Certification: Certification is one of the best ways to validate that your personnel have the requisite competencies, technical knowledge, skills, and experience to do their jobs.
  • Multiple Learning Methods: Live Online, OnDemand, Live In-Person, Dedicated and Private Events 

  • Learning Credits: Budgetary consideration with learning credits that can be applied to learners to anytime, anywhere, and on any product. Learning Credits are a great way to useencumbering funds to maximize training dollars and reserve the surplus for next year's budget needs. 

Transform Your Future

We offer a robust training portfolio that includes a wide range of courses and programs designed to meet the diverse learning needs of our clients. Our training programs are designed to help individuals and agencies improve their skills, enhance their productivity and efficiency, and achieve their professional goals.

  • Comprehensive Training Portfolio: Covering a range of critical areas, including cybersecurity, data management, and technology solutions.
  • Specialized Training Programs: Designed to help government employees develop the skills and expertise needed to stay ahead of emerging threats and challenges.
  • Customized Training Options: We can tailor our training programs to suit the specific needs and requirements of your government agencies, focusing on the features and functions that are most relevant to their workflows and job responsibilities.
  • Compliance: with Directive 8570/8140

Expert Level Training

  • Technology: Cybersecurity, Data, Learning and Development, Technology, Cloud Solutions, Project, Program and Process Improvement, and more. Through technology, the world is getting smaller, threats are more unpredictable, and information has become as valuable a commodity as any tangible asset
  • Cybersecurity: Applying technology to improve readiness and efficiency is fundamental to government culture. Train your staff how to spot red flags, warning signs, and more: ransomware, social engineering, phishing, and malware
  • Desktop Applications:Understanding and optimizing the power of Project, Access, Excel, Word, and other applications to maximize personnel productivity is an ongoing and challenging task. We can customize and deliver interactive training to assist government employees with their specific needs or questions
  • Leadership and Development: Strong leadership is essential for the success of any organization, and this is especially true for government agencies where leaders are responsible for managing complex operations and ensuring that policies and programs are implemented effectively. Employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to changing circumstances and address the challenges facing their agency.

By investing in training and development, government agencies can enhance employee engagement and morale, promote a culture of learning and innovation, and ultimately improve the quality of services provided to the public.

New Horizons offers a comprehensive range of learning methods to cater to the diverse needs of government agencies. Whether it is Live Online, OnDemand, Instructor-Led Training, Dedicated or Private Events, we have multiple options for state, local, and federal government employees to choose from.

Our representatives, with decades of experience working with government agencies, can help navigate funding and grants to ensure training goals are met. Our courses are designed to strengthen existing skill sets or drive successful professional development, and we provide all-inclusive training solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing government landscape.