Adobe Captivate Certification Training

eLearning is becoming the new learning standard. With employees and co-workers scattered around the world, eLearning may be the only way to train our teams. The problem is that most eLearning creation programs require some coding experience, which means you either have to hire an outside source or learn it yourself. Adobe Captivate will help you create the eLearning materials you need without the programming element. Adobe Captivate will allow you to create impressive and smooth products such as software simulations, product demos, application simulations, and more. Whether you are an Adobe Captivate novice or an advanced web developer, New Horizons will give you the necessary skills to make your online learning resources better than ever.

Adobe Captivate Certification Training

Benefits of Adobe Captivate Training

Adobe Captivate makes the eLearning development process easy because of its fully responsive software and speedy simulation creation. It also supports review features, and the conversion of non-mobile features into mobile-compatible applications. Work side by side with experts to learn everything you need to thrive in any environment. New Horizons has many courses to ensure you get the training you deserve. Learn how to create responsive layouts and preview your projects on any device with built-in device-specific previews. We will be with you at every step of the process so that you leave feeling confident and ambitious.

Adobe Captivate Courses

  • Exploring the Captivate environment
  • Recording a software demonstration and simulation
  • Updating a Captivate project
  • Designing and working with quizzes
  • Organizing and publishing projects