Take Advantage of Cisco Training

Hiring out for your specialized IT needs can hurt a company’s productivity immensely. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and it’s inconvenient. New Horizons’ Cisco training broadens and validates IT professionals' knowledge and skills through globally recognized curriculum and high-stakes examinations so that you can keep all of your valuable information and work close to home.

Take Advantage of Cisco Training

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

As a Platinum Cisco Learning Partner, New Horizons has years of experience helping our customers manage their Cisco training paths to meet their specific needs. New Horizons provides customers with an end-to-end learning experience around Certifications, Solution-based training, Content development, Customization, and Customer training plans.

The Benefits of Cisco Certification

  • Cisco has great acceptability and is renowned all over the world. If you get certified, you are authorized to put it on your resume and business cards.

  • Professional Cisco certifications require CCNA as a prerequisite. If you wish to complete the entire Cisco program, this course is a prerequisite for future certifications. 

  • Cisco certification gives rise to businesses investing in and promoting their employees.

Cisco Training Courses

Sold separately or attached with your software purchase, Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid dollars that you can redeem for training. Each Cisco Learning Credit is worth $100 toward Cisco training at New Horizons. If you have Cisco Learning Credits, let your local New Horizons Account Executive know about them before registering for your class.

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