The Benefits of Managed Learning Services

The Benefits of Managed Learning Services 2272 0

70% of employees are inclined to quit their current job to work for a company that invests in employee learning and development. The Great Resignation has increased the odds of employees leaving their positions to go where they feel they are an investment. To prevent a rise in attrition it's important to have a dedicated partner to manage the professional development needs of your organization. Here we will unpack some of the main benefits of Managed Learning Services to give a better understanding of what United Learning Services can do for you.

Foster a Culture of Learning

Creating a learning culture requires effort and dedication from every member of your organization—starting at the top. 94% of employees would stay with a firm longer if it invested in their learning and development. Your employees want to grow, so when an organization makes professional development a priority it has a positive ripple effect on every aspect of the company. Partnering with a strategic learning partner to handle your organization’s professional development is the first step in fostering a learning culture.

Maintain Focus

Managing the development of your team takes time, resources, and administration. More importantly, professional development may be deemed a lower priority and continually pushed aside in favor of other projects, addressing business processes, or sales activity. We let you focus on what is most important to you—your business. Your training investment and your professional development plans determine the future success of your company. United Learning Services will ensure that you’re maximizing the return on that investment and that your companies’ professional development stays top-of-mind.

Understand the Impact

Understanding the impact of your professional development efforts is critical. United Learning Services can provide the data and insight to understand how your team members are consuming their training and the impact it is having. This data informs strategic decisions and further refinement of the available learning programs and professional development methods in the organization.

Enhance the Delivery

United Learning Services has an experienced team of Content Developers who build blended learning solutions aligned to your desired outcomes. They incorporate solutions from our vast library of live instructor-led training, eLearning, and digital assets to build engaging and challenging learning programs for your organization. Addressing the strategic goals of the organization, and creating learning programs to match, is only possible with a Managed Learning Services partner.

Personalize the Learning Experience

Did you know that 91% of professionals want their training to be personalized and relevant? No surprise there. Professional Development resources should also be engaging, rewarding, and easy to find. Managed Learning Services makes that all possible. Our Learning Portals provide easy access to content curated by our team of subject matter experts. Your team will be able to follow personalized role-based learning journeys that offer them the resources they need every step of the way


Working with a Managed Learning Services provider opens up a world of opportunity for the professional development needs of your business. We've discussed several benefits from improving your company culture to better understanding the impact of your professional development efforts. United Learning Services is prepared to accelerate your business with fully managed learning and transformation services.

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