Take Advantage of CompTIA Training

Trying to understand which IT certifications are necessary, but more importantly, which ones are accepted and praised can be onerous and stressful. New Horizons will guide you through the most relevant trainings that the widely accredited and highly regarded CompTIA has to offer. With the CompTIA certification, instead of wondering if you’re qualified, you will gain the confidence you need knowing that you have what it takes to advance in your career. CompTIA covers the most sought-after technological training from the fundamentals of IT to Cloud networking and everything in between.

Take Advantage of CompTIA Training

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

There is nothing more comforting than feeling qualified and sought-after, especially when it comes to your career. Being CompTIA-certified shows employers that you are ambitious, skillful, and distinguished. CompTIA’s versatile training is designed to empower you to surpass your specific business goals, identify and elevate your strengths, and solidify your knowledge in ways that will ensure your success. 

The Benefits of CompTIA Certification:

  • CompTIA professionals are in high demand. Public and private organizations alike are looking for people like you to handle tasks like application management, access control, and cybersecurity duties.

  • CompTIA certification provides continuous updates and skill enhancement in your field while enhancing your knowledge base and professionalism.

  • CompTIA certification will help you qualify for more jobs in the industry, so that your opportunities will be plenteous when searching for a career.

  • CompTIA Career Pathways allow IT professionals to achieve vendor-neutral intrastructure and cybersecurity mastery, from beginning to end.

  • CompTIA certifications validate the skills needed for a career in IT security or infrastructure 

  • CompTIA certifications mirror the current job roles of IT professionals

CompTIA Courses

The NEW CySA+ (CS0-002) is currently available to learners exploring the Cybersecurity Analyst certification. Any vouchers that have been purchased for Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) CS0-001 and have not yet expired may be used for the new CySA+ CS0-002 exam.

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