Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation(CDEF)

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (CDEF) certification covers the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and toolchains that support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and potentially Continuous Deployment. Underpinning processes, metrics, APIs, and cultural considerations with Continuous Delivery are assessed. Key benefits of Continuous Delivery will be covered including increased velocity to assist organizations to respond to market changes rapidly, thus being able to outmaneuver the competition, reduce risk and lower costs while releasing higher quality solutions. Increased productivity and employee morale by having more activities performed by pipelines instead of humans so teams can focus on vision while pipelines do the execution.


Courses Needed to Qualify for Exam

  • Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (DevOps Institute)


  • Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation