Play a Vital Role in Informed Decision Making

Data is an invaluable commodity to all businesses, and being able to interpret that data to make sound decisions is even more invaluable. The demand for Data Analysts is on the rise and that’s not going to change anytime soon. 

As a Data Analyst, you will collect data around sales trends, marketing success, and employee progress, among others. With that data, you will extract certain figures, create reports, and develop strategies that align with business initiatives which you will then share with executives to help them make informed decisions. You will play an integral part in the success of your company. If you are interested in business development strategy, data processing, and interpreting sales and marketing data, then this is without a doubt the career for you. 

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Play a Vital Role in Informed Decision Making

Endless Opportunities

When you train for a career in the data analytics field, your potential is endless. The field is versatile, it’s vast, and it’s expanding. Demand for Data Analysts is expected to grow by 20% in the next decade, resulting in countless opportunities for a future career. Data Analysts can have different titles and roles within organizations. Some of the top job titles to look for are:

Database Analyst

Data Engineer

Customer Intelligence Analyst

Business Analyst

SQL Developer

Oracle Consultant