Play a Vital Role in Your Company

Database Administrators, often called DBAs, are becoming increasingly more valuable as we turn more and more often to computers and machines.

As a DBA, you will ensure that data analysts and other users can easily use databases to find the information they need. You may be tasked with the monitoring and bettering of software protection. You will also safeguard the databases by establishing proper access to them by the appropriate parties, and employees will look to you to preserve the integrity of crucial data. If you are passionate about computers, have a knack for organizing the technical side of things, and are looking for a career that will make you a prized team member, then Database Administration may be the field for you.

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Play a Vital Role in Your Company

Endless Opportunities

This sphere of work is growing and it’s growing fast. There will be many options for a future career. Database Analysts can have different titles within organizations. Some of the top job titles to look for are:

Data Analyst

Database Manager

SQL Developer

Oracle Consultant

Oracle Developer