Take Advantage of Amazon Training

Keeping up with the current Cloud systems and platforms is the standard. If you’re not caught up then you’re falling behind, which can be stressful and expensive. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is credibly and certifiably one of the biggest leaders in Cloud systems. AWS certification puts you ahead of the game and ensures that you are using only the most advanced and efficient of platforms that exist today.

Take Advantage of Amazon Training

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

New Horizons’ Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and certification will help you get the skills you need to build, implement, and handle infrastructure and applications on the AWS cloud platform. Instead of being forced to integrate your old systems with the new systems, or constantly switching between the many current systems available, do it all on AWS. 

New Horizons has partnered with AWS to offer you any and all of 12 different certification types: Architect, Administrator, Data Analyst, Networking, Security, and more, each with different levels within. New Horizons will help you have a team of trained AWS experts at the ready so you can not only keep up with, but lead the competitive and flourishing Cloud market. 

The Benefits of AWS

  • AWS helps companies find qualified people to drive Cloud initiatives using AWS.

  • Display your AWS certification success with digital badges on your social media profiles and email signatures to take advantage of various options of recognition and verification methods.

  • AWS-certified professionals can join the AWS-certified network on LinkedIn to connect with colleagues and stay up to date on the latest Cloud news.

  • Train for your next AWS certification with a free mock exam voucher and discounts on all other certification types and levels.

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