Leadership & Development Training and Workshops

Leadership & Development Training and Workshops

Be the Expert and Lead the Market

The Center for Leadership and Development has been designed to enhance today’s work culture by turning professional roadblocks into relevant solutions. Our Engage the Group, Connect to the Individual Approach in facilitation not only supports your company’s “Return on Investment” but also a “Return on Impact” for today and tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Leadership and management concepts empower your team to build actionable takeaways to practice. The wide range of courses are designed to empower you to exceed beyond your specific goals, build on your personal strengths, and solidify your knowledge in ways that will drive the future success of your business. 

Whether you are looking for one-day basic training in soft-skills or more holistic workshops, New Horizons has what you need to help your leaders and employees grow.

Center for Leadership & Development 

  • Facilitation Based Workshops (2 or 3 Days)

  • Engage the Group, Connect to the Individual

  • Tangible Takeaways for Students (with Action Plan)

  • Goal: To Change Behavior/ Promote Long-Term Leadership Growth

Workplace Fundamentals

  • Content-Based Trainings (1 Day)

  • Train the Entire Class/Seminar Style

  • Strictly Concept Focused

  • Goal: Gain First-Time Knowledge of Concepts